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Stop Microsoft deleting Firefox Bookmarks without consent

Open to the community

A Microsoft pop-up appeared after booting up, inviting me to upgrade to MS Edge with no X button to exit.  I chose to decline the upgrade to Edge and when i opened Firefox discovered all my Bookmards - hundred of links in avout 40 folders - had ALL disappeared.  Instead of familiar toolbar and bookmakrs I was invited to INSTALL Firefox!  Microsoft cannot be allowed to do this !  I tried the recovery options in Firefox and discovered ALL my history and Backup records had ALSO been deleted by Microsoft, so no backup recovery has been possible. Only a backup file from 2018 existed, which is almost useless..   I managed to import from another browser I stopped using in 2020, so all bookmarks before that HAVE been recovered but ALL Bookmarks and BK Folders since I moved over to Firefox in 2020 have been lost.  IT IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR MICROSOFT TO DO THIS.  Can Mozilla PLEASE build safeguards to STOP this from happening, and INCREASE Automatic Backups to monthly or weekly, THANK YOU.

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Jon Siddoway 4 months ago

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igorlogius 4 months ago

Tags: "404 idea", "Complaint"

You are barkin up the wrong tree.
You might want to "just as politely" ask the MS Support about your issue.

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