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Four issues with Firefox 93.0

Open to the community

When a user selects "never remember history" Firefox will automatically always use "private browsing mode".
Even when private browsing mode is a seperate setting, we are forced to use privat browsing when selecting
never remember history. (Note: i remember old version of Firefox maybe 70.00 allowed us to never remember history without being forced to use private browsing mode.)
I tryed adding an tracking-exception by moving the shield setting within the adress-bar to the left.
This does not work while using private browsing mode...
Now i selected "delete history when firefox is closed" and i can finally add tracking exceptions.
I see three issues here...
1 - Why can't we never remember history without private browsing mode as before?
2 - Why can't we add "tracking exceptions" while using private browsing mode?
3 - Is it asked to much to add a button so we can manually add a tracking-exception?
Personally i dont trust the "private browsing mode" after i read that google is tracking users while they are using private browsing mode, and even firefox changed alot, it comes shipped with google as its default search engine instead of duckduckgo. duckduckgo stands for privacy, google is nothing but a spy.
Reason for firefox to come with google is money, how much did you make again?!...
Tracking protection exception:
History setings:
history settings 2: Private Browsing and Never Remember History have been merged...
tracking exception manual setting missing
There's one more thing i must get of my chest... Firefox 70.00 was beautifull.
The navigation in black at the very top was perfect, now the new one..
The so called "modern style" is pure crap.
Honestly this is a fact, its to smal, its hard to navigate!
I have to watch out where i klick to not open the wrong thing, who had this dumb idea?
Any way to change back the looking without an addon?

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Jon Siddoway 2 months ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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jscher2000 2 months ago

I want to upvote one specific suggestion: all permission/exception dialogs should have both add and remove buttons for consolidated management (it is confusing to have a mix of dialog types).

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