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Browser should save our website cookie so we avoid popup on visited pages

Open to the community

As you all know when you visit a website the first time you see a popup asking if you want to accept all cookies or only the ones that allow the website to function.

But many people use the feature to delete all cookies when their browser is closed to protect their privacy.
And next time the person open the same website again the popup ask if you want to allow cookies or not.

Well it would be nice if firefox somehow could remember our last choice example in our "online firefox account" so when we close our browser firefox automatic fill the popup window and make the selection that was chosen by the user before.
Think of it as "online" anonymous cookie storage that fill out the annoying popup box automatic... whats not to like ;-)

Thank you  ;-)

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Jon Siddoway 3 weeks ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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