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Open to the community

Come up with a Mozilla search tool to filter results, only return results that are relevant to our search terms.  Example - Searching for a radio class, don't want hundreds of pages of results offering Rado watches with no results for radio classes.

Include search options like, "contains only all terms" , "contains exact phrase" , "exclude word" ,   Searching for a phone #? Only get results of web sites having that number, not a list of phone book sites.  Looking for a specific company site, not a list of business directories, just the site of the company searched for. 

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Jon Siddoway 1 month ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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Tina Mellen-Whittimore 1 month ago

It's my understanding that the search bar in Firefox uses our default search engine of choice, so I don't think that can be done, unless Mozilla's team wants to build their own search engine. However, you can include the quotes around the words that you must have, and use a minus sign in front of words you do not want like: "Bathroom Sinks" -vanity (notice the huge change in Google's search results if you had just searched bathroom sinks alone).

I only found radio classes doing a google search and did not see anything about radio watches. If that wasn't hypothetical, change your search engine to something better.

I agree about the phone number directories, but same problem scenario of trying to make Google do something other than their own algorithms.

With a phone number, you will get different results depending on how you type in the phone number. Try: and

So don't run the phone number all together without any spaces and that should help you avoid a lot of phone book directories. I usually just run them together when I'm trying to find who just called me if it doesn't come up with a real company, but mostly to avoid calling back a spammer and staying on their "sold phone list".

As far as getting the company website to come up, that's only as good as the Website Developer's know-how or how they wanted to do their SEO.

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