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Unable to set home page to about:blank or a blank page not an option in Firefox for iOS

Open to the community

There is no setting that allows me to have a blank home page in Firefox for iOS (possibly Android as well?)

I would like to have the option to set my “home” to be a blank page. I don’t want the home with shortcuts and other nonsense. I’m an experienced internet user and I find the lack of being able to set this option both frustrating and borderline insulting.  Please put me back in the driver’s seat ty. 

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Jon Siddoway 1 month ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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Jas 3 weeks ago

Ditto. Even better, don’t have a new tab pop up. I have all my tabs in order, I have them all open for a reason and because I want to go back to them, and I don’t need a new one popping up every time I open Firefox. It’s extra clicks as well as the forced ‘suggested’ links being distracting and intensely annoying.

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Nico Moz 3 weeks ago

Please give an option in setting to open firefox on last visited tab or gris tabs.

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