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Add a check box to Automatically Find in Page

by Gary M | 1 month ago | in Search and navigate the web
Open to the community

Sometimes I accidentally follow a link to a video on YouTube instead of opening it in a new tab.  When I come back from the link to my subscriptions, the browser shows only the first block of YouTube videos, when I might have been on the 15th block (from scrolling to the bottom of the subscriptions page 14 times) before I accidentally followed the link.  It would be nice if there was a checkbox on the Find in Page controls at the bottom of the screen to automatically search the current page after the next block of results is added to the page.  So I could enter some text about where I was and keep scrolling down with the scroll bar to add many blocks of videos.  After the next block was retrieved, if the Automatic Search checkbox was selected, it would search the taller page for the entered text and show the number of hits found in a label, just as if I focused the Find in Page text box and pressed Enter.  That way, I could watch that label for a hit count and quickly know that I have retrieved enough blocks to get back to where I was on the tall page.  I could then check out the search results with the up/down buttons and see if the hits were false positives.  If so, I would know that I need to keep getting blocks and looking for the hit count label to change again.  This would be helpful in other scenarios besides this YouTube example.

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Jon Siddoway 1 month ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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igorlogius 3 weeks ago

Not exactly what you want/descibe, but maybe this helps a little?

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