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Save WebP files to Original Format Easily

by jscher2000 | 2 months ago | in General / other
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Since Firefox added image/webp to its Accept headers, server farms often add WebP compression to JPEG, PNG, and Animated GIF files, changing the internal file format without modifying the file extension. That is transparent to users, but there is an issue: when using Save Image As..., Firefox saves the WebP format. For comparison, in Google Chrome, if the file name has its original .jpg or .png extension, the browser saves in the original format. (Either this is through a re-request to the server, or a built-in converter.)

Firefox users often want the original image format to facilitate editing in programs that don't accept WebP, or for other reasons. Whatever the reason, because Firefox doesn't make it convenient, they often resort to using Chrome instead.

I can tell this is a pain point based on Mozilla Support and r/Firefox posts, and because my WebP-related extensions have a surprisingly large number of users:

* "Save webP as PNG or JPEG (Converter)" - 9,060 => now 11,645 as of 14 Nov 2021 ( )
* "Don't "Accept" image/webp"- 4,217 => now 5,770 as of 14 Nov 2021 ( )

(Other inconvenient workarounds are described in the following thread:

Please, UX folks, take a look at this!

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Jon Siddoway 2 months ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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igorlogius 2 months ago
Hope it helps

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jscher2000 2 months ago

The suggestion is to build this in so an extension is not needed.

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