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Vertical Tabs

by Campbell Kerr | 11 months ago | in General / other
Open to the community
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I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.

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hai nguyen 11 months ago

I use a popular tree style tabs addon. It's very useful when having ton of tabs. Now I often feel redundant, mess to have tab bars, bookmark toolbars, vertical tab bars showing on the screen together. It can possible to hide tab bars by edit css, but I don't want to do it. Native support vertical tabs will brings more performance and neat UI

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Erik Itland 8 months ago

Tree style tabs actually solves most of the problem, the only big problem left is that it has become harder and harder to get rid of the native tab bar.

There is an open case in bugzilla regarding this:

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john 11 months ago

How about better support for add-ons so they can replace the native tabs?

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rv 11 months ago

Certainly. That seems a most natural course of action. After all, many people will prefer tabs in its traditional place.

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Endolith 5 months ago

Firefox used to have powerful add-ons that could replace the native tabs. I still run Waterfox Classic for this reason. It's really sad what happened to Mozilla.

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mamammama 11 months ago

I wouldn't mind this being a built-in feature, but I'm using the "Sideberry" add-on along with fullscreen mode (to hide the normal tabs) and I'm pretty happy with the result.

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rv 11 months ago

First, this should be optional, of course (and let you choose if tabs are stacked right-side or left-side).
Second, a proper add-on/extension (even a recommended one) wouldn't be the best place for this? And eventually it could be merged in the standard Firefox code...
Kind regards.

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Nightly-User 11 months ago

as "hai nguyen" told you, there is an add-on for vertical tabs. Here is the link: (Tree Style Tab)
or (Sidebery)

When you want to see other tab add-ons is here a link:
There you can find some interesting add-ons...

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peterwx 11 months ago

Vivaldi has also vertical tabs out of the box and lots of customization options - only surpassed by Firefox in customization(including CSS and JS mods)

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Arvid 11 months ago

while add ons are ok, my experience with configuring them and setting up firefox accordingly has been a bit of a hassle. As such a native implementation would be cool. Also, please, unlike Edge, hide the title-bar in a smart way when doing so.

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William Smith 10 months ago

Vertical tabs is a must-have! Vivaldi and even Edge have vertical tabs option. Please!!

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igorlogius 10 months ago

Just an option to hide the tabstrip toolbar ... would be nice (instead of editing some userchrome.css) since TST exsists.

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jorgusch 10 months ago

In a work context with many tabs for dedicated purposes, vertical is simply more efficient use of space and easier to navigate. It might be fringe at this point, but more and more people will use it. It would be great to see it in FF.

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Asa Dotzler 9 months ago

Status label added: Open to the community

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Clewen Wei 9 months ago

You can use userChrome to hide the top tab bar. You can found it at Tree Style Bar's GitHub page.

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Josquin Hoens 6 months ago

Please provide vertical tab functionality à la Microsoft Edge. I know of Sidebery, but it has too many options and looks not clean enough. Precious vertical space is wasted. It is the reason why I switched too Edge on Linux, but I prefer OSS.

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John Hendrickson 3 months ago

The only reason I don't stop using Edge is vertical tabs. That you can group them is super handy (I put all the YouTube vids I want to get back to there), especially since you can expand/contract the group with a single click.

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Jon Siddoway 2 months ago

Status labels added: Mozilla reviewing, Mozilla exploring

Hey all,

Here with some exciting news…

This idea has emerged as a top idea in the community and has been reviewed by the product team at Mozilla. And we will continue to explore this possibility as we take a closer look at tab management. This means we are going to invest in research before making that final decision, but we invite you to continue the conversation and stay tuned for announcements.


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Gustavo Mauricio De Barros 2 months ago

Please Mozilla, this is a must-have to people with multiple tabs/widescreen monitors.

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prototyperspective 2 months ago

FYI this was/is being discussed here (and got lots of support):

I just wanted to propose that you simply use the already existing Tree Style Tab code and make it native, instead of building this from scratch.

I think Firefox is barely usable without tabs on the side if you have many tabs (which many do) so this is overdue and shouldn't be left to extensions that are not installed by default (and also don't hide the top tab bar with a simple option). Even more so as monitors have gotten wider screens.

I think at some point the sidepanel should become the default option (maybe easily switched with a pop-up prompt to prevent people switching browsers because they're not used to it; if not switched the pop-up or the sidebar could show every time more tabs than x tabs have been opened). Things like tab trees would be important to include. More features could get added over time which, as an improvement to the general research process, would make knowledge workers' (devs, scientists, researchers, etc) life a lot easier and efficient.

Making this default-enabled native code would get this feature to people who haven't thought about looking for extensions that support this and would make Firefox a lot more attractive as a browser compared to alternatives which still have a much larger share of users. It could enable new or better features (e.g. related to bookmarks, tags/comments, searching across the tabs, etc). I think it's currently the (or at least one of the) most beneficial feature to add.

Lastly, it would be nice if there are some news articles about this change once it's out. I'd add brief info about it to this section (I'm waiting for and anticipated this change; a study relevant to this change can be found there):

(Maybe also depending on the reports, whether it's rolled out to all and not just a hidden option for tech-savvy ones, and the included features.)

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Aaron Smusz 2 months ago

Needed for a while now IMO. I mainly use Vivaldi because I really like verticale tabas but I'd switch to FF as main browser if you had:

1. vertical tabs
2. better profile management (dropdown in UI like others to switch between profiles)

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