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Tab groups

by MOTH | 11 months ago | in Search and navigate the web
Mozilla exploring

Hello there! This idea doesn't strictly fall under "find what you're looking for faster" but I thought it was the best fit.

Although there's a lot of controversy about the new floating tabs, I really like them, because they have a TON of potential. A native tab sidebar is one (although an addon called sidebery does that just fine too). Another one, an idea I came up with, is a really nice looking tab group implementation, where tab groups aren't just color coded, but actually grouped together too, almost like a meta-tab. Please excuse my mockup, I'm not an artist. I think it gets the idea across. it has the potential to be really useful! 

Another usecase I see is resizing these tabs: if there's a tab you use a lot, make it bigger! Perhaps only resizing tab groups, idk I'm not a designer.

Thoughts anyone?

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Jon Siddoway 9 months ago

Status label added: Open to the community

Thanks for submitting! Your idea is now posted to the public for votes and comments. Should it gain enough momentum here, our Product team will review it for potential adoption.

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igorlogius 9 months ago

The addon "Simple Tab Groups" is IMHO far better than visually grouping tabs together ... it just makes it messy to handle them.

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ctwx 8 months ago

Yes, please! Chrome's tab groups are extremely well designed! This would make a huge difference!

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Danilo Pena 7 months ago

I am now using Chrome just because Firefox has no more of this functionality.

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Vats dimri 7 months ago

Yep. tab groups is a nice feature. I don't understand why Firefox still haven't implemented it.

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alberts 7 months ago

Used to, back in the days ;) While I used it a lot, I guess the work for it got too much relative to the small user base of the feature

(Maybe now, that a lot of the underlying codebase in Firefox has been updated over the years, it might be easier to maintain!? Something the product team might know.)

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SOTHLOUS 7 months ago

I want this implemented along with the old Firefox Panorama, more detail in my post:

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Jon Siddoway 7 months ago

Status label added: Mozilla considering

Status label removed: Open to the community

Hey all, 

Here with some exciting news…

Your idea has emerged as a top idea in this category and will now be reviewed by the product team at Mozilla. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned =)

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Jon Siddoway 7 months ago

Note: this will be brought to the product team alongside similar ideas: &

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Jon Siddoway 3 months ago

Status label added: Mozilla exploring

Status label removed: Mozilla reviewing

Hey all,

Back with an update...

This idea has now been reviewed here at Mozilla and our team wants to explore it further as we prioritize tab management. This means we are going to invest in research before making that final decision, but we invite you to continue the conversation and follow along for announcements.


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