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Group tabs together

Mozilla exploring

Hi Mozilla

I was hoping that it would be possible to group tabs together, so I can shift select tabs and group them, or auto group according to type, ie youtube with youtube, and for example by subject, I have over 200 tabs open, and to have youtube here, and youtube there, auditnate dante here, and there, and wiki all over...It would help to sort by what they are...Have AI learn what is when I open a new wikipedia page, it auto groups with other wiki-pages, or youtube with youtube...

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Jon Siddoway 9 months ago

Thank you for your submission. We are still evaluating this idea for promotion to the community and you’ll be notified when a decision is made.

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Jon Siddoway 9 months ago

Status label added: Pending approval

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Jon Siddoway 9 months ago

Status label added: Open to the community

Status label removed: Pending approval

Heads up, your idea is now posted to the public for votes and comments. Should it gain enough momentum here, our Product team will review it for potential adoption.

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igorlogius 9 months ago

search for "Simple Tab Groups" addon

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nva 6 months ago

not everyone know about add-on and want to using it so it's better to make it become an official feature instead of add-on

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Froxcey 3 months ago

That extension is not really aesthetically pleasing and hard to use, and it only brings down productivity instead of improving it. Would be better if it is a native functionality.

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miique 3 months ago

I use this addon regularly. While I do find it useful, the problem with it is switching between groups is kind of like switching windows, which feels a bit cumbersome. It would be nice if one could have grouped tabs in the same window, distinguishable either through color coding or separators between them

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peterwx 8 months ago

I'll add some suggestions mainly in the form of existing addons (they can be viewed as a starting point or maybe an approximation of OP's vision):

- Manage My Tabs presents a view of domain-grouped tabs and enables switching to specific tab one is after by clicking on the entry in the domain listing.
- Tree Tabs (not Tree Style Tabs) has "folders" which can be used to group each subject and "groups" which can be used to group "folders". An example for your use case would be having "folders" AI and machine learning (Youtube videos) in a "group" named Youtube or Learn and another group for Wikipedia.
- Simple Tab Groups "groups" work similarly as before (do not put them on the Sidebar) + Tab Sidebar for "folders" in current Group (hidden groups from STG probably need hiding with CSS)
- (A Manage My Tabs alternative - only for chrome) Better OneTab.

Both Manage My Tabs and Better OneTab can be considered one-dimensional for organization of Tabs as opposed to the 2D facet of the 2 other suggestions mentioned.

So "folders" can be thought of grouping tabs related to a task (searching and learning a subject for example) and "groups" join "folders" in a common theme or domain of applicability/knowledge - tasks(folders) related to a project(group).

My personal choice goes to STG+TS where Tree Tabs places 2nd.
In terms of improvements those would be(my opinion):
- STG + TS would integrate in a single addon(so on addon's developers part)
- This combined addon would support collapsing(showing only group name but not belonging tabs), scrolling of managed groups(when a group is not collapsed) and multiple column same height (with scrolling) groups.
- Also support for preserving page scrolling state and navigation history(back and forward) for hidden and/or unloaded/stashed groups - these features probably would be on mozilla's firefox developers and contributors to implement.

Tree Tabs despite combining both folders and groups in a single addon is not maintained in years and has some bugs like auto assignment of new tabs into groups by regex rules on URL domain - a feature that works in STG. The restoring of groups at browser start also is not ideal since sometimes group structure is lost. I was always able to recover the group structure info from the addon's options but judging by some TT reviews on AMO other users seemed not so lucky or knowing how to recover it.
Also its grouping feature placement is not as practical as STG's forcing the user to read all group's name text vertically and much scrolling/work to get to the desired group or put related groups closer together.

The old Tab Group native "panorama" as i can remember offered only one dimension of management.

I'm convinced that 2-dimensions for a workflow in browser navigation are all dimensions that are needed and sufficient for such purposes and with Manage My Tabs tree structure organization of tabs would not be needed at all - maybe some coloring of related tabs and/or auto assignment into "stacks"/"folders" but that would be it.

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Chris Shifter 8 months ago

I also really miss the option to group tabs (manually), and think it should be integrated in Firefox. It is a big deal for staying organized and I don't like the "trial-and-error" process of add-ons, especially not with what I consider to be core features.

I'm thinking of something like in Chrome and Edge where it's easy to make tab groups, rename them and color them.

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SOTHLOUS 7 months ago

Hi Justin , what do you think of my idea.

I think it would be an ideal solution

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Jon Siddoway 7 months ago

Status label added: Mozilla considering

Status label removed: Open to the community

Hey all, 

Here with some exciting news…

Your idea has emerged as a top idea in this category and will now be reviewed by the product team at Mozilla. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned =)

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Jon Siddoway 7 months ago

Note: this will be brought to the product team alongside similar ideas: &

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Alexander Orel 7 months ago

I completely agree with the idea! I wanted to offer it myself. I switched from Chrome browser, and it was implemented there back in 2020... Unfortunately, there is still NO official support in Firefox, but its functionality is very simple... You just need to allow adding tabs -> to groups (and, if possible, specify the COLOR of the tabs)

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Campbell Kerr 7 months ago

I think it was IE7 or IE8 that coloured the tabs based on their domain which made it easier to identify tabs. That could be another way of "grouping".

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peterwx 5 months ago

Manage My Tabs addon offers a view of tabs grouped by domain with possible sorting of such groups by tab count (having groups sorted by most or least tabs among other options).
Clicking a tab on the addon switches to that tab and closes the view(if such option is chosen).

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Gabe Silverstein 6 months ago

Yes! This is such an important feature that nearly all other major web browser competitors have: Chrome and Safari both have it. Chrome implements it very well!

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P. S. 6 months ago

I would prefer to have an implementation similar to Chrome's. Colorful labels for the groups and collapse / expand make it very easy and intuitive. Also dragging tabs in and out or between groups is very intuitive. Would love to see that in Firefox.

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Adalbert Faustinus 6 months ago

Chrome, Edge and Safari are all implementing and improving their Tab group. With my habit of flooding tabs during browsing as a way to save them for later read. This feature is a must.

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peterwx 5 months ago

A more ambitious, detailed idea for tab management that combines both stacking and grouping concepts on this proposal(not mine) which at this point is somewhat buried under more voted proposals and therefore more difficult to discover:

"Bring back The old Tab group (Firefox Panorama)"

The interesting part is at the end of the proposal(after the videos) in which the integration of both concepts is explained.

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Darkness x Dragon 5 months ago

I need this

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rodirgo 4 months ago

It's literally the only thing keeping me from using Firefox, as a uni student, organization is invaluable and tab grouping is a very major key for that, please implement it

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HdInfAutre 4 months ago

I have a similar problem (large number of tabs open).
I have tried different extensions like "tree Style Tab" but I am in the same confusion when there is a tree structure).
The solution exists in Chrome which makes me hesitate to leave.
I think a lot of the code is created with Firefox containers.
It just lacks the simplicity of Chrome's functionality. I hope you'll integrate it quickly before it leaves Firefox (for me the only truly free browser)


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Jon Siddoway 3 months ago

Status label added: Mozilla exploring

Status label removed: Mozilla reviewing

Hey all,

Back with an update...

This idea has now been reviewed here at Mozilla and our team wants to explore it further as we prioritize tab management. This means we are going to invest in research before making that final decision, but we invite you to continue the conversation and follow along for announcements.


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peterwx 3 months ago

I just happened to update my comment post that has suggestions with some clarifications. Hope that info (and newer posts by others) will get seen despite reviewing phase being closed?

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Jon Siddoway 2 months ago

Thanks for the heads up! We will continue to monitor this conversation and any updated comments.

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Alc 2 months ago

I certainly support the manual grouping of tabs. It's a sorely missing feature that other browsers have, which would greatly enhance Firefox and push it even further in the lead in terms of good high-quantity tab management (as far as I'm concerned).

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